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On the two ends hoops the tape should not be fixed directly on the top or on the side but at an angle dia. Greenhouse polytunnel repair tape new gardeners mate all weather proofing tape. This highly transparent, clear tape gives maximum light transmission. Polythene repair tape is excellent for repairing tears in polythene sheets on. Shop elixir polytunnel greenhouse repair tape 25m x 100mm extra strong clear polythene. Anti hotspot repair tape can cover degrading hot spot tape and keep protection in place. Polythene repair tape is excellent for repairing tears in polythene sheets on polytunnels, cloches and can also be used to repair cracked panes in greenhouses. A uv stabilised polyethylene transparent tape designs to allow repair of pollytunnel, greenhouse, cloch and even the plastic rear windows of convertible car roofs. Shop online for ground cover, gutter kits and more. Extra strong polytunnel greenhouse repair tape polythene. The tape can be applied in very cold conditions unlike a lot of adhesive tapes, it has an excellent adhesion and will resist humidity, water, salt water and direct sunlight. A premium grade uv stabilised polyethylene transparent tape designs to allow repair of pollytunnel, greenhouse, cloch and even the plastic rear windows of convertible car roofs.

Selfadhesive high quality polytunnel tapes including antihotspt tape, uv stabilised polythene repair tape, gutter tape buy online. Ideally use the tape on first sight of a tear or split. Selfadhesive polytunnel tapes northern polytunnels. Polytunnel repair tape transparent polyethylene tape 25m. Repair tape for polytunnel greenhouses, 10 m, transparent. Make sure the polythene is clean and dry before you tape it to ensure good adhesion.

The surface of the polythene should be dry and clean prior to fixing the tape. First tunnels would not construct a polytunnel without using anti hot spot tape. During the current coronavirus covid19 scare we are unable to allow visitors to call at our nurseries. However the tape is still flexible and moves with the cover. How to repair a polytunnels polythene cover 12112018 sean barker after our local school called to say they had suffered some damage to their polytunnel cover, we thought it would be a good idea to get the polythene patched up before they broke up for the half term holidays, making sure it was secure and less prone to further damage by our. If youre building from scratch, use foam or tape to make sure that the hoops are free from anything that might tear your polythene sheet. How to repair split cut polytunnel plastic youtube. Polytunnel for sale in uk 37 secondhand polytunnels. A couple of points are very interesting in this easy build system and the first is the method they use to secure the structure to the ground. Greenhouse repair tape the industry standard for greenhouse repair, single coated, 6 mil, uv stabilized clear polythene film with a high tack acrylic adhesive. Why not line the inside of your polytunnel or greenhouse during the winter months with bubble wrap to help cut down on drafts, but still let some light through. Polytunnel sundries tape cleaner weed control gutter. Polytunnel tape is for repairing rips and tears in polytunnels and other plastic or glass structures.

Greenhouse plastic poly permanent repair tape uv clear extra strong 2 x. Nutleys kitchen gardens specialised tape to lengthen the life of polythene coverings for polytunnels, cloches and mini greenhouses. This tape comes as part of the standard package when you buy a polytunnel. Tapes the polytunnel company ireland polytunnels, greenhouses. Polytunnel repair tape polytunnel adhesive tapes premier. Anti hot spot tape, clear tape, anti shock tape, polythene repair tape. Polythene repair tape is ideal for repairing tears in polytunnel covers. Then you simply use a piece of the strong and affordable repair tape, and the greenhouse is as good as new. Polythene repair tape is designed specially to fix any split or tear in polythene sheeting. If you spot a tear, then you should repair this immediately using polythene repair tape. Mojo polytunnels refurb and repair provide an excellent.

Nutleys professional grade polytunnel joining and repair tape. The anti hot spot tape we supply is of good quality unlike some on the internet, the life span of the tape is aprox 8 10yrs. I have tried patching it up with cheap tape but it soon loses its adhesion. Antihot spot tape is long lasting, selfadhesive foam tape which is applied to tunnel hoops before covering. Extra strong polytunnel greenhouse repair tape polythene clear. Well assume youre ok with this, but you can optout if you wish. May 02, 2019 if youve purchased a prefabricated polytunnel, you will usually have some kind of cushioning to put over your aluminum hoops to protect your polythene sheet from tearing or ripping. Polytunnel covers polytunnel installers polytunnels rus. Greenhouse plastic poly permanent repair tape uv clear extra strong 6 x. The usage of polytunnels can be compared to glass greenhouses.

Yardwe 3pcs greenhouse repair tape plastic poly permanent repair tape for outdoor greenhouse clear, 5cmx10m, 7cmx10m, 10cmx10m. Bubble wrap is essentially a plastic sheet, which has air bubbles and when fitted inside your polytunnel helps to reduce heat loss and also helps to improve insulation. Repair tape highbank polytunnels highbank organic farm. Diy greenhouse with galvanised steel tubes and sturdy cover. From polythene joining repair tape to cleaning solutions that gently remove green slime and soot from your polytunnel cover, we stock a wide range of sundries ideal for any polytunnel enthusiast. Elixir polytunnel greenhouse repair tape 25m x 100mm extra.

Use it to fix a patch of polytunnel without having to replace all of the polythene cover, it can also be a quick fix for cracked glass or plastic in a greenhouse. Our polythene tape has very strong glue and provides a permanent. The tape is a 175 microns and a tensile strength of 39n25mm, making it tough in all weather conditions. Mar 06, 2012 the beauty of using a greenhouse or high tunnel is having control over the climate. Nows the time to make your post winter repairs and do some spring cleaning.

If the holes arent too big less than an inch, it should be sufficient to just tape the inside with 3 inch or wider tape. We have a responsibility to our staff and family members who are trying to keep our plant stock healthy, but we are still processing online orders through our website until we are told not to. Special polythene repair tape is clear, colourless and designed by. Hithis is an auction for a collection of fordingbridge heavy duty polytunnel poly tunnel used 14ft x 24ft. It provides an insulating layer between the steel and polythene preventing hot spots, which cause the cover to stretch and weaken. If you own a polytunnel it is also worth having a few rolls of repair tape in your shed drawer as prompt repair of tearssplits will help your cover last its full term. The tape has very aggressive glue which sticks well to the cover, as long as it is dry.

Polythene repair tape archives five star polytunnels. If your polytunnel is punctured on top, youll need a cherrypicker to help repair it but thats no fault of the tape. This tape is used to repair small ticks and tears that may occur over time. How to repair a polytunnels polythene cover polytunnel. Heavy duty tape is designed for interior and exterior applications and is great for repairing minor tears in polyethylene greenhouse film. Antihot spot tape polytunnel accessories polytunnels. If the tear is too big to attempt to repair in any way at all even without using a large extra patch of polythene then sadly the best thing you can do is to literally just cut your losses, get a sharp knife and cut off all the polythene completely. With holes or damage to your structure, you lose that benefit. Clear repair tape the polytunnel company ireland polytunnels. Extra strong professional grade antihotspot tape polytunnel polytunnel capillary matting. Our polytunnel had a long horizontal rip in its wall, caused by a plastic watering pipe system inside making the wall hot. Highly adhesive and uv stabilized makes it resistant to weathering and the harmful effects from sunlight. Cut the tape with sharp scissors as the edges of the tape will stick better. There is a 150mm wide tape available which if you have a jagged tear will usually straddle both sides of the tear without having to use cross tapes to hold it together.

This clear tape has a very aggressive glue which really sticks to the cover. Elixir extra strong polytunnelgreenhouse repair tape polythene. We have many years experience in the horticultural industry, supplying replacement polytunnel covers to domestic and commercial growers and farming industry. Polythene repair tape greenhouse polytunnel clear waterproof heavy duty 50mm 25m.

How to install greenhouse plastic top cover poly pull method duration. How to mend damaged polytunnels nicky kyle gardening. The service covers polytunnels, canopies and retail structures. The tape should be placed over the top of each hoop dia. Clear polythene greenhouse polytunnel dance floor repair tape. Polytunnel repair tape, polythene adhesive tapes first tunnels. The cover of a polytunnel greenhouse is light and durable, but it can tear due to externally induced impact. Budget polytunnel repair tape transparent polyethylene tape. We can carry out construction on all makes, models and sizes of polytunnels, including bespoke garden center canopies, walkways and multispan agricultural and animal housing. Small tears and splits can be repaired through the use of polythene repair tape. We can provide refurbishments on all makes and models, ranging from a simple replacement to full overhauls, including new timber work and replacements. Although polytunnel covers are uv stabilised to give long life, they do need to be replaced periodically depending on the grade chosen usually every 4 or 5 years, but some customers getting much longer it depends on many factors such as how much sunlight the cover get.

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