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You can research your employers inspection history through osha s establishment. These seminars are designed for dental professionals who need initial andor retraining. Level 2 is a more indepth module designed for managers who are developing their office s hipaa program in conjunction with the ada practical guide to hipaa compliance. A the following requirements include those that normally apply to medical and dental offices, whether there are 2 or 200 employees.

The use of thermoplastic pipe in above ground locations. An osha manual and required forms fall into this area of compliance as well. Pdf hazard of laser surgery smoke 1988, april 11 english. Osha compliance training is required for employees as part of several standards. Compliance for dental professionals video and workbook is meant to help instruct staff on regulations related to safety standards. For a comprehensive guide to osha regualtions in dental practices, including essential. This essential kit guides you through the maze of federal regulations and helps you become equipped for osha compliance training. It focuses on the osha standard, which of course is adopted by majority of the oil, gas and construction industry operating in nigeria. Our mission is to help our clients distinctively develop unique trademarktype dental practices. Working safely around downed electrical wires fact. One hour of ce credit for level 1 and two hours of ce credit for level 2.

Kit includes the ada practical guide to osha training. This gave me a few minutes to gather my composure and recall the information i. Videos and dvds come with an easytouse leaders guide, scheduling and attendance forms, and an employee quiz. The complete text of the regulations can be found in title 29 of the code of federal regulations 29 cfr. Medical and dental offices are required to have extensive training regarding guidelines and requirements for hipaa, osha and dealing with blood borne pathogens.

Ada practical guide to osha compliance manual for dentists covers bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, more. And most recently, the centers for disease control updated their infection. Operators will direct the caller to the appropriate federal or state plan office office to request a consultation, file a complaint, report a fatality, provide telephone numbers to osha offices and the osha approved state plan programs. Our 2020 osha and hipaa manuals include policies, employee training, forms, posters. Not to mention, waste is a broad category comprised of a variety of issues that lack actionable solutions. Radiation safety in dental practice a study guide cda. The 2019 antiprocrastination osha compliance bundle live program. To maintain compliance, dental offices must conduct annual training to. I always tell our seminar attendees and clients that osha is not here to try and take advantage of you, or to take your hard earned money. Call 1800321 osha 6742 or contact your local osha office. The ada practical guide to osha compliance manual s696b. Osha publications healthcare facilities occupational safety and. With dental offices subject to numerous regulations at the federal, state, and county level, knowing which compliance protocols are applicable to your practice is a challenge for any office.

For the dental office, the final deadline to the transition of this revised standard is approaching on june 1, 2016. This onehour dental osha training video is an osha. Osha compliance for the dental office by richard garofolo. Easy tips for osha and hipaa compliance osha manuals. Osha offices by state occupational safety and health. Osha related cdc and niosh information has been incorporated. Great care was taken to make these policies and procedures comprehensive and compliant with. Osha training oshacademy online safety training osha. This section highlights osha standards related to dentistry and the related osha safety and health topics page. Our osha compliance manual for dental practices includes information on training employees and keeping proper records of compliance as well as the required plans for your practice.

An inspection at the companys facility in washington, d. Oshas clinicians web page occupational safety and health. This supplement is designed to keep your product up to date. This increased osha fines almost 80% since the end of 2016. Our team of professionals came together to create an affordable, professionally written. Osha publications dentistry occupational safety and. Dental enhancements is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of dental professionals. Our hipaa manuals, documentation kits and training programs are designed to meet the needs of any healthcare provider including but not limited to medical, dental, chiropractic, and pharmaceutical offices. The complete text of the regulations can be found in title 29 of the code of federal regulations 29a cfr. Additional osha standards may apply to some offices. In addition to complying with oshas general industry. Extensive osha and cdc research has been done to bring you a.

Recent travel to any locations that have a travel health notice for covid19. Leslie canham is a dental speaker and consultant specializing in infection control and osha compliance. Mar 12, 2019 below are 3 key factors to keep in mind when creating or updating your dental office osha program. We dont try to justify a price with a thicker, more complicated product. They encompass electrical currents, ventilation, recordkeeping, radiation, first aid, fire, egress, working surfaces, bloodborne pathogens, and. Compliance for dental professionals p889 video and workbook is meant to help instruct staff on. Prepared by authorized osha trainers, this webbased online osha training for dental offices covers osha rules and regulations for both existing and new employees. If you are confident and comfortable with your current compliance position, that is terrific. Laser safety in the dental office by jan lebeau, rdh, bschair of dental hygiene pacific dental services, cochair of laser safety this article has been updated and republished by ald for ewaves member update winter 2016 and the ald blog.

Providing everything you need for a successful safety training session from a single source. Includes all state and federal osha requirements and blood borne pathogens bbp section. In a dental office, does osha require us to keep logs of our autoclave operations, for example the indicator slips that validate the sterilization process was successful. Keeping your practice in compliance our 12 and 24month keeping you in compliance package include all of the services in bringing you in compliance plus. Oshaguard provides tollfree phone support, including help with inspections and audits. Safety and health niosh publication number 2015102, november 2014.

Osha frequently asked questions occupational safety and. If you only need an osha manual or osha training we have you covered too. Oshaguard osha and hipaa compliance for healthcare and. The article was originally published by the academy of laser dentistry in lightwaves spring 2015. Comprehensive osha compliance solution for the dental practice. Additionally, many times the osha compliance information that a practice has may not take into consideration cdc recommendations and compliance. This presentation covers bloodborne pathogens, hazardous chemicals, fire and electrical safety radiation and laser, emergency action plan, ergonomics and workplace violence. Jun 24, 2018 all new employees should have osha training within 30 days of hire. Our osha manual is a safety compliance manual with the latest osha updates.

The 1hour video is sent to you immediately by email with purchase. Our general safety meeting kits provide all of the materials needed to promote and conduct a safety meeting. All new employees should have osha training within 30 days of hire. The ada practical guide to hipaa compliance j594bt the ada practical guide to hipaa training j596bt the ada practical guide to osha compliance manual s696bt. Osha the occupational safety and health administration mandates that all dental offices have an infection control training manual available for training new employees as well as for implementing. Twentytwo state plans 21 states and puerto rico cover both private and state and local government workplaces. With a focus on a variety of healthrelated topics, the ada complete osha compliance kit is the easiest way to ensure your dental staff know the rules of osha. Osha safety manual was founded by an experienced team of professional safety consultants, doctors and attorneys with one common goal in mind, to ensure that all employees, who go to work, come home to their families the same way they left, safe and unharmed. We believe that the workplace should be a purposefully developed environment that uniquely depicts a teams professional philosophies.

Osha compliance and infection control for the dental. If you need policies and employee training for your medical or dental office, then look no further. Osha cited md dental center pc doing business as smile center dental for 26 alleged serious violations. This essential kit guides you through a maze of federal regulations and helps you become equipped for osha compliance training.

Cap clients get full access to our team and resources. Compliance for dental professionals dvdworkbook and the guide to osha compliance with cdrom and three years of updates. Weve assembled safety products to make your job easier geared for the dental profession. During the walkaround, the osha compliance officer will be looking for. Understanding dental office health risks potential health hazards many dental care professionals are at risk for occupational exposure to a variety of hazardous chemicals and. The following standards, in order, were the most frequently cited by federal osha from october 2015 through september 2016, in medical and dental laboratories industry group naics code 621511. This webinar is for new hires and for annual employee training, this training is uptodate with oshas hazard communications information, which includes the most recent labeling and safety data sheet requirements.

Most common citations issued by federal osha for physician practices were in. Best practices for hospitalbased first receivers of victims this document. Top 5 osha compliance requirements for your dental office. We are a registered continuing education provider in the state of california, specializing in dental practice act, infection control, and osha training. Osha training compliance for dental professionals book. She has more than 36 years of experience in dentistry. We provide the latest osha updates through our facebook page. Noncompliance with osha is serious business, and can cost your practice dearly. Osha upgradesthis service upgrades osha compliance manuals to ensure that you always have the most uptodate information readily available.

Our 2020 osha and hipaa manuals include policies, employee training, forms, posters, tollfree phone support and more. Attempting to setup and maintain a customized safety program on your own can cost your business a lot of valuable time and money. Osha program manual for dental facilities march 2015. A sterilizer autoclave log for physician and dentist offices is available to download from the tools page. The following standards, in order, were the most frequently cited by federal osha from october 2015 through september 2016, in offices of dentists industry group naics code 621210. Osha electrical standards apply to electrical equipment and wiring in hazardous locations. In the recent year, there were sweeping changes with regards to osha compliance. Manuals are development by an experienced team of professional. Osha training for dental offices online osha manuals. Hipaa and osha compliance training what you need to know.

As lead dental compliance consultant,speaker and author, i educate dental professionals on how to comply with the law as another means to protect their greatest investment, their dental license. The other six state plans connecticut, illinois, maine, new jersey, new york, and the virgin islands cover state and local government workers only. Weve provided osha and hipaa consultation services, training and compliance manuals for over 25 years now. Weve provided commonsense, affordable solutions for physicians and dentists for 25 years now. Our osha manual covers all the osha regulations in vivid detail not just the bloodborne pathogen standard and chemical hazard communication standard. View our training checklist to see what may be required for your business. This course meets the osha mandated requirement for annual training. Osha program manual for dental facilities november 2014. Enclosed is your latest supplement to the osha program manual for dental facilities. General osha compliance training for your office staff and can provide mandatory continuing education ce training if needed. Osha compliance training telecasts comes bundled with an osha compliance manual will be offered on the following dates. Sep 05, 2017 in this one day informative and entertaining continuing education class, we will bust they myths surround osha and hipaa compliance and what they really mean to your dental office.

The material provided by oshacademy is an invaluable material that is priceless and has strongly improved my skills and knowledge in best industry practices. Osha compliance manuals for medical, dental and veterinary. Comprehensive osha compliance solution for the dental practice protecting your workers is an essential priority. The 72point osha safety facility report from dental enhancements is based on the last 15 years of dental office osha fines and their osha experts help you correct any noncompliant areas once they customize and complete your report. Osha checklist what every medical and dental practice. In 20, osha mandated that dental offices begin to implement the global harmonization system ghs. Osha for medical and dental office employees first. Osha may require written safety and health plans and procedures. December 2014 november 2014 october 2014 september 2014. The compliance advantage program is a donewithyou program deisged for dentists.

Osha compliance for healthcare professionals training pryor. The compliance advantage program cap is our all inclusive, handson, full support, flagship compliance program. Customized to the needs that your company needs and available immediately. Comprehensive osha compliance solution for the dental laboratory protecting your workers is an essential priority. This is the time at which all employers must have completed the update for the. Our 2020 osha compliance system is by far our biggest seller and includes everything you need at one low price. This guide is part of the regulatory compliance manual.

Osha publications occupational safety and health administration. Nobody wants compliance, but times have changed and your attention to compliance matters matter. This complete hipaa and osha kit includes all the tools you need to train your staff and stay on top of hipaa and osha regulations. Osha compliance seems like an unachievable goal, but with the right help, research and a little bit of work, it is something that is attainable and required by every dental office in the country. Below are 3 key factors to keep in mind when creating or updating your dental office osha program. This video is for new employees within 10 days of hire, annual training for existing staff, staff who may need a refresher course, compliance officers, and the dentist. Osha sets and enforces standards that address potential workplace hazards. Free shipping prime friendly osha made easy 2018 osha ghs compliance manual provides a comprehensive solution for the dental office setting.

Spirometry testing in occupational health programs best practices for. Level 1 teaches the basics of hipaa compliance to dental office staff. See more ideas about dental, signs and regulatory compliance. With a focus on a variety of healthrelated topics, the ada. International osha ghsglobal harmonization system this applies to all usa business too.

We have sold thousands of osha manuals to physicians, dentists and veterinarians across the u. We are a registered dental continuing education provider in the state of california, specializing in dental practice act, infection control, and osha training. Comprehensive osha compliance solution for the dental laboratory. The leaders in osha compliance solutions for 20 years now bring you hipaa compliance kits as well.

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