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Angela of foligno, complete works, translated, with an introduction by paul lachance. With more than 120 volumes, the classics of western spirituality collection presents readers with a comprehensive library of historical texts on christian spirituality, and a representative collection of works on jewish, islamic, sufi, and native american spirituality. Paulist press, 1993 angela of foligno, memorial, translated by john cirignano, woodbridge. Complete works classics of western spirituality lachance, paul, guarnieri, romana on. As a young adult she reveled in luxury and sensuality. Complete works classics of western spirituality lachance, paul, guarnieri. As a wife and mother, she continued this life of distraction. Complete works by angela of foligno angelic spirituality. Angela of foligno presented her mystical life, without elaborating on it herself because these were divine illuminations that were communicated suddenly and unexpectedly to her soul. Angela at last passed away, surrounded by her spiritual children.

Angela of foligno is a model for people who want to simplify their lifestyle. Due to the respect they engendered in the catholic church, she is known as mistress of theologians. For immediately the eyes of my soul were opened and i saw that what he had said was true. Note sulla traduzione in lingua inglese di paul lachance. We will use paul lachances version for the english translation lachance, paul. Richard of st victor, beatrice of nazareth, hadewijch, and angela of foligno abstract this dissertation examines four medieval christian texts that describe the love between the soul and christ in violent terms and demonstrates how images of violence, such as wounding. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Angela of foligno presents her mystical experience without elaborating them with her mind, because they are divine illuminations that are communicated to her soul in an improvised and unexpected way. She was born at foligno in umbria, in 1248, of a rich family. Due to the respect those writings engendered in the catholic church she became known as mistress of theologians. And her impetuous temperament nudged her into sinful behavior. Angela of foligno the passionate mystic of the double abyss. Medieval perspectives on the ways of angels classics of western spirituality by steven chase angelus silesius. This library contains multiple genres of spiritual writing, including poetry, songs, essays, theological treatises. A fterward, i saw him in a darkness, and in a darkness precisely because the good that he is, is far too great to be conceived or understood. Arnaldo her confessor and recorder to enumerate the steps of spiritual transformation in the life of bl.

Of the many visions and consolations received by angela of foligno. Blessed angela of foligno, incorrupt catholic saints. Interdisciplinarity in teaching medieval mysticism. Married at an early age, she loved the world and its pleasures and, worse still, forgetful of her dignity and duties as wife and mother, fell into sin and led a. The book of divine consolation of the blessed angela of foligno.

Angela was noted not only for her spiritual writings, but also for founding a religious community which refused. Lachance, introduction, in angela of foligno, complete works, tr. A superficial education gave angela a false sense of superiority over those around her who chose lives of service and sacrifice. She was noted not only for her spiritual writings, but also for founding a religious order. Cristina mazzoni department of romance languages the. Blessed angela of foligno was born in 1248 of a prominent family in foligno, three leagues from assisi.

Classics of western spirituality translated with an introduction by paul lachance. The translation is based on the new critical edition of the latin text. This article is part of the scholarly revival in angela of foligno c. As a young woman, and also as a wife and mother, she lived only for the world and its vain pleasures. Angela of foligno has risen from relative obscurity to a prominent rank among the most significant representatives of the franciscan and christian mystical tradition. However in 1285, angela made a surprising aboutface. Angela married at a young age but lived wildly, adulterously, and sacrilegiously. In 1285, she is converted, goes to confession in the cathedral church of st. Her friar confessor too had difficulty in reporting these events, partly because of her great and wonderful reserve concerning the divine gifts ibid.

Angela of foligno enlarging the heart angela of foligno. Quotations in introduction from paul lachance, angela of foligno. An illustration of a computer application window wayback machine an illustration of an open book. Angela was noted not only for her spiritual writings, but also for founding a religious community. Angela of foligno was born into a wealthy family of foligno, a town near assisi, in umbria, italy, in 1248. The mystical journey of angela of foligno this essay from vox benedictina by paul lachance o. The mystical journey of angela of foligno monastic matrix. The religious significance of food to medieval women, university of california press, 1988, isbn 0520063295. Alessandra bartolomei romagnoli and massimo vedova. Later she established at foligno a community of sisters, who to the rule of the third order added the three vows of religion, without, however, binding themselves to enclosure, so that they might devote their time to works of charity. Angela of foligno was a christian author, nun, and mystic. Around the age of 40, she recognized the emptiness of her life and sought gods help in the sacrament of penance.

Her book, published here in english for the first time, describes her passionate love affair with the suffering godman, and her teachings in the form of letters and exhortations to her spiritual progeny. The book of divine consolation of the blessed angela of. Enrico menesto, florence sismeledizioni del galluzzo, 20. The book of divine consolation of the blessed angela of foligno 25 copy quote in that time and by gods will there died my mother, who was a great hindrance unto me in following the way of god. This is the first translation into english of angela s book in its entirety. Angela of foligno enlarging the heart enlarging the heart. Some say she was born in 1248 at foligno of a welltodo family. Angela of foligno project gutenberg selfpublishing. The scorching yet feminine way in which she narrates her dramatic love affair with the passionate suffering godman strikes a chord in contemporary readers. Complete works classics of western spirituality download. In one of the instructions found in the second part of her book, angela provides a helpful. Born of a leading family in foligno, italy, she became immersed in the quest for wealth and social position. Feliciano of foligno, after which due to her desire for adulation and her incessant search for the vanities of life she got away from her religious practices and maybe from.

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