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His is the voice that narrates the story of the book of mormon. I am particularly appreciative of those that are taught about the atonement, but i knew there were many cases of other sermons. Ammon, reading the kings mind, asks if the king is in awe because of the incident at sebus. Following his conversion he serves a mission to the lamanites and converts lamoni and his people. A farewell to arms or, ammon rescues the kings sheep contributed by jenny. A descendent of zarahemla, either his son or grandson, who led a party of sixteen picked men from zarahemla to lehinephi in the reign of mosiah ii, in the endeavor to discover what had become of the people of zeniff. King lamoni is pleasantly surprised by ammons exploits, with the servants saying ammon is more. Is it because thou hast heard that i defended thy servants and thy flocks, and slew. Even though i knew what was going to happen to ammon, i was drawn into the book. Sermons in the book of mormon one of the things that i have most come to enjoy about the book of mormon are the various sermons throughout the book. In the book of mormon, aaron was a rebellious son, unbeliever, and friend to.

Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5. It is strange to envision ammons fellow servants bringing a pile of. With every reading of the book of mormon, my testimony grows, but so does my list of comparisons and questions. How following ammons example leads to success at work lds.

Ammon, son of king mosiah, was a great nephite missionary to the lamanites, and a man of strength in body and spirit, whose story is told in the book of mormon. For the prominent book of mormon missionary, see ammon book of mormon missionary in the book of mormon, ammon. They were unacquainted with the road and wandered for forty days in the wilderness before they reached their destination. The official youtube channel of the book of mormon musical. In the book of mormon, ammon is a prominent nephite missionary and a son of king mosiah.

Like his brothers, he was, in early life, headstrong and disobedient, and a persecutor of the saints. When they come against him, ammon smites off their arms and. Ammon and the king a story from the book of mormon youtube. I dont love the extremely cartoony style of drawings, and i dont love all of the letter choices, but there are not a ton of choices for lds board books about the book of mormon, and. I enjoyed this book because it made ammon seem real.

It is almost impossible to read more than a page without encountering mormon. He asked to be a servant to king lamoni, a lamanite king. Ammon, is a book of mormon story, an action adventure story and a romance. Items do not represent the official views of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints or of book of mormon central. And it came to pass that ammon, being filled with the spirit of god, therefore he perceived the thoughts of the king. I like the way heather stayed true to the book of mormon character, while developing ammon and the other characters, into real people. Ammon, missionary to the lamanites living scriptures. May be reproduced for noncommercial, personal or classroom use 24 ammon seems to be more that a man. God told ammon bundy to fight back against the government. After watching the latest book of mormon video, i wonder if that is how ammon the missionary would feel about being known as the guy who cut off the arms. From a distance he kills several with his sling and then in handtohand combat cuts off the arms of every robber who attacks him. The book of mormon and the apocrypha truth is restored again. Alma 18 in the 1830 version of the bom and on i point out significant differences between the two, if there are any, follow my youtube channel and read along with the facebook group companion video to this blog post. Instruments in the hands of god religious studies center.

Book of mormon abc book a lifttheflap book from ammon to. Ammon and his friends went on a mission to teach the lamanites about the gospel. The most conspicuous of the sons of king mosiah ii, and the ruling spirit in the great mission undertaken by them to convert the lamanites ammon was born in the land of zarahemla, probably about 120 b. In reexploring the book of mormon, edited by john w. Ammon and the mesoamerican custom of the smiting off of arms. Mormon was one of the two abridgers of the numerous records that went into making up the book of mormon, the other being his son, moroni. He originally opposes the church but, along with his brothers and alma the younger, is miraculously converted. Just imagine instead of saturday morning cartoons nephi and other spiritual giants will become your childrens heroes as. Were this a single occurrence, we might ignore it, but nibley has shown connections between other such pairs of names in e gypt and the book of mormon. Why did ammon borrow so much from tradition in alma 26. My critique of a scene in the living scriptures video ammon, missionary to the lamanites by orson scott card while i think the living scriptures videos are often very well done, and the insights the scripts give are often really cool, there are some times when i wonder if it would be better for my children to watch saturday morning cartoons instead.

Why did the servants present lamoni with the arms of his enemies. Ammon and cutting off the arms of enemies book of mormon. Ammon and the king a story from the book of mormon. He preached the gospel of jesus christ to a group of people, the lamanites, who were hostile towards his people nephites. He helped the other servants be brave, and he protected king lamonis sheep. Well, it seems long before brant gardner unraveled the great mystery here about the waters of sebus, i got most of it from watching the video ammon, missionary to the lamanites, one video of the animated stories from the book of mormon video series. You will probably also notice the faithpromoting nature of many. The book of mormon claims a close tie to all things egyptian 1 nephi 1. Make your sunday school, primary, or family home evening lesson on the book of mormon come alive with clipart of all of your favorite stories. Dr another fantasy episode that dares to say based on actual events as recorded in the book of mormon. The video explains why bundy became involved in the harney county protest, beginning with the time he felt an overwhelming urge to find out more about a pair of. And no bloody arms i thought i might be really inspired when i saw that yesterdays video was about ammon and king lamoni and that wed finally get to to see how dark and loathsome and unenticing the lamanites would be. In egypt, the high priest of ammon was called ntr h. Ammon taught king lamoni and his servants about heavenly father, the creation of the earth, the scriptures, and the plan of salvation.

Welch, ammon and cutting off the arms of enemies, in reexploring the book of mormon. But, through some tenacity and a little bit of luck, ive been able to be in some pretty extraordinary situations. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. One day before bundy became the public face of a group of ranchers and militia members who seized a government building in harney county, oregon, he posted a video to youtube. I played the servant who presented the arms to the king. His story is recounted in the book of mosiah, chapter 27 through the book of alma, chapter 48 ammon began as an unbeliever and sought with his friend alma and the other sons of mosiah to destroy the church of god. Yerman, ammon and the mesoamerican custom of smiting off arms, journal of book of mormon studies 8, no. We can be brave like ammon and stand up to bullies. This book begins with ammon and his brothers setting off on their missions to preach to the lamanite people. Aaron, the son of king mosiah, was one of four brothers who persecuted nephite christian church members until an angel appeared, and called them to repentance. Ammon and cutting off the arms of enemies, by john m.

They swear to never take up arms again and never do, although the two thousand stripling warriors are later recruited from among their sons. The familiar story of ammon protecting king lamonis sheep was suspenseful. Its a real pleasure for me to be here and want to thank the bmaf board for this invitation. Ammon serves and teaches king lamoni book of mormon. A dictionary of the book of mormonammon wikisource, the. This video is part of a series illustrating the stories of the book of mormon.

Why did the servants present lamoni with the arms of his. Welch, in reexploring the book of mormon the practice of cutting off arms or other body parts of enemies, specifically as a testimony of the conquest of victims, is attested in the ancient near east. Because of this, and considering that 1 lehi was a descendant of joseph of egypt 1 nephi 5. You will come across nephi, ammon, ammonites, laban, and many other familiar characters.

Within the apocrypha, you will find many similar elements to the book of mormon. For more laughs, check out this list of our favorite, cheesy, silly book of mormon pickup lines below. Book of mormon hero ammon served a mmon was a son of mosiah and a friend of alma the younger. As the book of ecclesiastes says, there is a time to weep, and a time to laugh ecclesiastes 3.

Ammon was a great missionary because he was brave and did what the lord asked him to do. Former the book of mormon costars cody jamison strand and jacob ben widmar stop by to chat about broadways high school throwback concert at. Ammon and the sons of mosiah go out on their missions to teach the lamanites the gospel of jesus christ. A great servant, book of mormon stories 1997, 6468 close video the four sons of mosiah left zarahemla to teach the lamanites the gospel. A short quiz about the famous story of ammon, a great missionary and warrior in the book of mormon. A dictionary of the book of mormonammon ii wikisource. See more ideas about book of mormon, book of mormon stories and primary lessons. You will also find the brass plates, the treasury where the plates are kept, and abridgments being made.

The headless jaredite war and peace a tale of two lehites arms and the man pride and prejudice gone with the wind jacob and the giant beach a senine saved is a senine earned. As i watched the beautiful portrayal of the story of ammon and king lamoni, i gained a few insights about this courageous missionary and other members of this story. The servants took the cutoff arms to king lamoni and told him what ammon had done. Hugh nibley, the prophetic book of mormon, the collected works of.

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