Zalman vf3000f gtx 470 driver

Because the zotac gtx 470 1280mb and gtx 480 1536mb graphics cards are currently the most affordable options and have delivered a very good, reliable 3d experience, we have no reservations recommen. There are some options, such as zalmans vf3000f aftermarket cooler. The zalman swiftech h20x20 edge series highperformance liquid cooling kit zalman vf3000f vga. Vf3000f is for the end users who wants to cool their latest vga cards from nvidia. The black finned part is the vrm ram cooler plate which is different for the 2 modelsthe rest of the cooler is the same. Gamestar with clock speeds of 60712153348 mhz, 448 shader units and 1280mb of gddr5 ram, the zotac card has enough power for all current games. Zalman announces the vf3000f vga cooler techpowerup forums. Zalman vf3000fgtx480 vga cooler with dual 92mm fans, fan. Bei folgenden spielen wurden leistungssteigerungen gemessen. Zalman vf3000f three aftermarket graphics coolers on. Gtx 200 seriesvr003geforce gtx 470465vr004geforce gtx. Accelero xtreme plus, deepcools v6000, and zalmans vf3000f. Please note that vf3000f comes in 2 different models.

The companys first dual fan vga cooler promises you for the maximum performance with less noise. Zalman announces the vf3000f vga cooler techpowerup. It is an inch longer than the gtx 470, which measures 9. It took me a bit, but i finally got around to asking zalman for the vf3000f dual turbine vga cooler for my gtx 470. That is, unless youre the new zalman vf3000f riding the back of your gtx470. In this article, hothardware takes a detailed look at the gtx 480 amp. Zalman vf3000f cooler for nvidia geforce gtx580570. Therefore this one being for the 465 470 wont fit a 480 without the 480 vrm ram cooler plate. Zalman vf3000fgtx470465 vga cooler with dual 92mm fans. The zalman vf3000f is specifically designed for nvidia gf100 series gpus aiming to provide a significant thermal improvement over stock nvidia cooling. Geforce gtx 570, geforce gtx 580 nvidias geforce gtx 580 is a beast of a card, able to reach 80c with minimal effort. Antec p182,zalman vf3000f gtx 470,core i7 860,afterburner,creative xfi platinum,overclocking,moding.

Driver disk, zotac technology demos disk, user manual, minihdmitohdmi adapter, dvitovga adapter, 2 dual molex to 6pin pcie. On top, vf3000f is specially designed for the fermi series from nvidia gtx480 470 465 and comes with the dedicated ramfet heatsinks to maximize. There is a quick start guide, users manual, driver disk, nvidia dx11. For sale zalman vf3000f aftermarket cooler for gtx465470. Driver disk, zotac technology demos disk, user manual, minihdmitohdmi adapter, dvitovga adapter, 2 dual molex to 6pin pcie power cables.

Zalman intros revised vf3000f vga cooler, supports gtx 570. Zalman is making changes to its vf3000f gpu fanheatsink, to give it compatibility with nvidia geforce gtx 570 and gtx 580. The dual 92mm fans cool not only the heatsink and vga ram, but all other peripheral components surrounding the vga chipset. For the image above, we left on the memory heatsinks included with the zalman vf3000f. In windows liegt sie bei 33 grad fruher bei 50 grad. There are 2 versions of the vf3000f, 1 fits 465 470, the other fits the 480. Three aftermarket graphics coolers on geforce gtx 480 toms. Zalman vf3000f vga cooler for gtx480 gtx470 and 465.

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